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About our preparation books

The current 2023 editions of our Core Test and Subject Module preparation books are now available as print versions and ebooks on Amazon.

In addition, older versions of our ebooks are available here on our website in English, German and Arabic.

With the TestAS book series, we want to help you prepare for this unique exam. TestAS is different from the other international tests usually encountered by high school graduates. It tests your cognitive abilities and language skills rather than your subject knowledge. To excel in the TestAS, you can prepare to master the strategies to solve the different question types. We strove exactly for this: we provide in our books the frameworks to crack the difficult and unusual question types, and to give you many questions to practice with.

Given our proximity to the students thanks to our educational consultancy, we follow the TestAS closely and adapt to the newest changes. The exercises have been created based on our research since 2014 and are updated regularly. We created practice questions whose range and depth are in line with or slightly more difficult than the actual test, so you can feel very well-prepared for the test day.

Here you can find a list of our books relevant for each subject module. Our books were designed to complement each other, and we strove to have no repeating questions.


Our goal in writing the TestAS preparation books is to give you a complete overview of and a feel for the TestAS exam. These study guides were developed after much research with a team of professionals who have themselves taken the exams. We have also interviewed dozens of TestAS test takers from diverse academic backgrounds to identify the areas where we can help the readers the most. Our guides contain test-taking skills and practice questions for the general core exam, the subject-specific modules, and the language proficiency exam onSET.

An advanced degree from a German university will pave the way for new opportunities and exciting career paths. We sincerely hope that our test preparation books will allow you to find fulfilling educational opportunities in Germany.





  • Yesterday I received my TestAS-results (subject module engineering) and am very satisfied. Thank you very much for your books, which have helped me during the preparation a lot. I will definitely recommend your books to my friends.
    TU9, Engineering
  • I would like to notify you that I passed the TestAS exam, and namely with the standard score of 113 (91%) in the core test and 117 (94%) in the subject module (MIN). So thank you very much for your helpful books.
    Medicine applicant
  • Your books are really useful; I would like to express my satisfaction in this regards. The suggestions given in your books are very effective; besides, I was very happy to find such a high number of practice questions with solutions. I feel like I was really well prepared thanks to you.
    Uni Mainz, Chemistry
  • Your resources helped me in getting acquainted with the exam, without which I would have been clueless. In fact, I have to say that the difficulty level of the questions was harder than most of what came in the actual exam. Hence, they were a great help.
    LMU, Physics
  • I found especially your test taking feedback very useful, such as the one about time management and handling the first easy questions. I ended up running out of time only in one section. My grade is very good, which I desperately need for my medicine application.
    Uni Mainz, Medicine
  • The questions reflect the actual test very well. I went into the exam feeling well prepared and knew what to expect in each section. Alone this confidence made preparing worth it.
    Freie Uni Berlin, Psychology
  • I'd just like to say very quickly that I am very satisfied with the content of the book, it is very useful and it's got more than enough information for someone who'd take the exam.
    Applicant to humanities faculty
  • The book was really helpful, both the core and visual part of the engineering module was helpful for me. The answer and the explanation were quite clear and detailed. Keep up the good work :)
    Engineering applicant
  • Thank you so much. Everything went super well. I am very pleased and absolutely willing to recommend your books. Best regards,
    Applicant Business Studies
  • I was more than happy to realize that - thanks to your books – I was a lot better prepared and managed to accomplish more than the other students. The others mostly didn’t even manage to solve the quantitative problems while I managed to solve all of the presented problems in the exam.
    The simulation is what helped me the most because it gave me the possibility to practice and finally push myself to solve all the questions.
    Thanks again, you saved my exam! Sarah,
    Medicine applicant
  • I took the TestAS a month ago (22.02.2017) and used your books to prepare for the exam. I am very happy to say that I am very satisfied with the result. Core test 98% (122) and Subject Module MIN 96% (120). I wanted to thank you as I could never have achieved this score without you.
    Many many thanks and continue working like this!
    Kind regards
    Applicant for medicine studies