Come to Germany! It is perfectly different here

Come to Germany! It is perfectly different here

Why you shouldn’t miss out on experiencing a new culture

By guest author Defne


Oktoberfest Munich


Moving to a new place to live helps you getting to know a new culture. It’s like you are watching a movie with the fast-forward option on. The more different the new culture is from your own, the more interesting it is to emerge yourself in it. This was the case for me during my stay here in Germany.



Cultural Differences


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Turkey is not part of the European Union, so we are not considered as a European country. Our culture is also really different, which caused me having some troubles fitting in at first. These troubles actually made my stay here really precious and fun. Even though there are a lot of Turkish people living in Germany, the German people I met were eager to get to know me. That way we were all able to overcome prejudices and learn from each other.



German Independence


Mountain hiker alone


In my opinion, the differences between both of these cultures made my studies abroad more interesting. I grew up in Turkey where we have strong bonds with family. What I realized when I came to Germany was that people around my age were more independent and freer, which I liked very much. But at first, I was shocked; I wanted to know why that was the case.

I was told that after the age of 16, everyone starts working and spending their own money and they go on holidays without their parents but with friends instead. I was already in love with the German culture and the upbringing of children, but seeing that teenagers are starting to earn their own money and that way understand the importance of money and how hard it is to earn it, made me appreciate the culture even more.

I wished I was raised slightly more independently because I had a hard time when I arrived in Munich by myself. I didn’t know how to live alone and take care of myself, areas where my German friends had no problem at all.



Making Friends


friends in park


I like my culture and everything it offers and I liked living in it, but the reason why I came here to Germany to study is that I wanted a change. I like how different it is here compared to where I come from, but I have to say that I don’t feel the difference at all right know. I feel so integrated in the culture, which is fascinating to me because I have adapted to a new life, new country and a totally different culture in four short years and this just shows how welcoming the German culture is. I have never felt left-out here, I have always found something that could make me feel like I am already an insider. Munich is a very multicultural city and you can always find something to do that will fit your needs and wishes.



Different cultures fitting together


Puzzle pieces fitting together


For those of you who are planning to come to Germany from a country with a totally different culture - you don’t need to worry! Germany is definitely the right country to come to. You will get to know the culture easily and people here will welcome you whole-heartedly. Don’t be afraid of the differences between the cultures, believe me, these will make your stay here memorable and interesting. You just have to be open to new things and eager to step outside your comfort zone. If you are, come to Germany! You won’t regret it.




Date: 2018/02/13

Update: 2019/05/29