How do I place an order?
Please contact info@edu-link.de and tell us for which subject you would like to apply. You will receive an e-mail with information on what books to choose and how to purchase them via PayPal. You can download your e-book immediately after the payment authorization.  Additionally you will receive an e-mail confirming your order and a download link for your e-book download. If the email does not appear in your inbox, please check your junk mail folder in case it has ended up there by accident.
Where is my download link?
We provide you with a link to your downloads at the time of purchase after your payment has been processed. Additionally, we send the link via email within a few minutes after your payment. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your spam, junk or deleted items folder. Many email accounts have an automatic spam filter that hides emails sent from any retail website. If you cannot find the files in the abovementioned folders, please contact us.


What are my payment options?
Your payments are processed by PayPal. PayPal accepts bank wire and credit card payments.
Are my credit card details stored at testasprep.com?
No, we do not have access to the details of your payment information such as your credit card number or your PayPal credentials. When you proceed to payment, the amount due is processed instantly by PayPal. Therefore, if you decide to order another title, you need to re-enter your payment information.
Are there any shipping fees?
No, since our books are digital, there are no shipping fees. No physical book will be dispatched.


When will I receive my TestAS Guide?
As soon as your payment has been approved, you will be redirected to a download page from where you can download your ebook as a PDF document immediately. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email with the download link and the necessary (and very simple) download steps. If you do not receive the confirmation email within 10 minutes, please check your junk mail folder. For any questions, please email us at info@testasprep.com.
The download link does not work. What can I do?
You can download your ebook immediately after the payment authorization. The download link will remain valid for two attempts for 6 months following your date of purchase. In case of any problems, please email us at info@testasprep.com.
I cannot open the PDF. What can I do?
To open the ebooks, you need a PDF reader like the free Acrobat Reader which you can get at www.adobe.com/reader.
I cannot find the file I downloaded!?
If you were not asked to specify a folder when downloading your files, your PDFs have been saved to your default “downloads” folder. If you do not know where this is, you can search using a keyword from the PDF file name (for instance by pressing CTRL+F and entering “TestAS”). Alternatively you can download the ebook again using the link we sent you. (This is why each ebook can be downloaded twice.) This time when you click on the download link, select the 'Save to disk' option and save the chapter to your folder of choice. If you have run out of downloads or are still experiencing difficulties, please let us know at info@testasprep.com.
I receive an error when trying to open the file – corrupt or damaged file.
If you see this error message, it means something went wrong in the download process. Your internet signal may have been too weak, or the internet connection may have been disconnected for a moment. To open the ebook, you need to download the file again. After the download, please open the file using Adobe Reader, and NOT within your web browser (e.g., Chrome, Safari).


Is printing of the ebooks allowed?
Yes, you can print copies for your personal use only.
Can I make copies for personal use on different computers?
You are allowed to keep as many copies as you want for your personal use. You do not have the right to sell, lend or share the ebooks with others.  We ask you to be mindful of the author's hard work and respect intellectual property. The last thing we want is dealing with copyright enforcement. We would rather focus on producing great new content for you. Thank you for your cooperation!
Can I share my ebook with others?
Our ebooks are for your own personal use on your personal devises. Due to copyright restrictions you cannot share, lend or otherwise distribute your ebook to anyone else.  All ebooks are protected by a PDF security service, which allows us to protect its digital content without inhibiting user satisfaction. Each ebook file is personalized and contains watermarks that link the file to the person who purchased and downloaded the ebook.
Is the PDF password protected?
For your convenience we decided not to use a password protection for the PDF-files.


How do I return an item?
ebook titles purchased cannot be returned, refunded, or exchanged. If you experience technical difficulty in downloading or accessing a title, please check that you have a PDF reader installed (which you can download free-of-charge here). If problems persist, please email us at info@testasprep.com for assistance. Recipients are asked to report defective merchandise within 14 days of receipt.


Is it safe to order online?
Yes. We use a secure, fully encrypted server to transmit and receive your information. Moreover, we do not save (nor have access to) any credit card information.
What happens to the information I provide?
We do not use your contact information for any marketing purpose unless you explicitly asked to be in our mailing list. We also will never give your contact information to 3rd parties for marketing purposes. For more detail, please refer to our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Notice. Moreover, we do not have access to payment information such as your credit card number. For each new order, you need to re-enter the PayPal payment information.
What about Cookies?
See our Privacy Policy See our Privacy Policy for information on the use of cookies on our website.