Top Reasons to Move to Germany to Study

Top Reasons to Move to Germany to Study

Find Out Why Germany is the Best Country for Going to University Right Now


Map of Germany


You are thinking about studying abroad, but when you look at the world map, you see that there are 193 countries on our planet earth. Where should you go? One of the best options is Germany. In this blog post we will outline the reasons why you might choose Germany as your future home.



Possibility to Make a Lot of Money


office employees


Let’s start with the hard facts. Germany presents great job opportunities for graduates. It is the strongest and biggest economy within the EU and one of the largest worldwide. After you graduate you will have a high chance of finding a job here, because the unemployment rate among academics is constantly low (only 2.5% in 2019).

Furthermore, you can earn a high salary within few years of graduating. To give you a few examples, average wages after five years of working experience in some professions are:

  • doctors 70.000€
  • engineers 59.000€
  • lawyers 57.000€


Germany has a strong Mittelstand, i.e. mid-sized companies. These “hidden champions“ provide niche products serving world markets and many are technology leaders in their field. As an employee, you can witness growth and learn a lot during this journey. Moreover, they tend to pay attention to work-life-balance.


Additionally, there are large-scale, world-renowned companies such as:

  • BMW
  • Daimler
  • Siemens
  • Bosch
  • Adidas
  • Bayer
  • Telekom
  • Allianz
  • Lufthansa


Also, there are many others leaders in less known industries, such as Linde, BASF, ThyssenKrupp and Continental. These can also be great employers with many development opportunities in and outside of Germany after being hired.


College studies and work experience at a well-known German company will be highly regarded on your CV, whether you are planning to stay in Germany or to move back home.



No need for heavy student loans


barista at coffee shop


In many countries, attending university will leave you with huge debt in student loans, especially if your major takes a long time to finish, such as medicine or law. In Germany, there are no student fees to European nationals at public institutions, due to the fact that it is believed that everyone should have the right to education, no matter their parents’ income. As for the students outside of the EU, in most states the education is free. And if payable, these were at around 1,500€ per semester in academic years 2018/2019 at Heidelberg Universität


Student jobs are easily found and are a good way to pay for your living expenses. Popular are paid internships, work that is related to your studies at your university or a company are common amongst students, or you could do a typical job such as being a barista, a nanny or an assistant.



Excellent Partner University Programs


University library


Germany’s universities are among the highest-ranked in the world. This can be seen among the high employment rates of their graduates. They also score regularly well in rankings by the likes of QS or the Times.


Germany, being a net exporter, encourages studying abroad. Many universities will offer you further international experience through various exchange programs all over the world. You would be able to access financial support within the Erasmus program and study somewhere else in Europe for up to one year.


Even if you find yourself more drawn to Cape Town or New York – schools in Germany (TU München as an example) have partner universities almost everywhere in the world. And those programs usually offer financial aid as well. Foreign students are also eligible for scholarships and don’t worry - not all of them focus merely on your grades.



High Quality of Life and Beautiful Nature


Englisch garden Munich nature


Of course, when choosing a country to study in, you might not only look at universities and at job opportunities but would want to know more about the quality of life in that country. Germany has a very high quality of life. Basic needs such as health care, safety and infrastructure are obviously covered.


Cities are built in a way that you have access to nature and can get everywhere with public transport. Munich for example, has a huge park at its center and Berlin has public green space next to the local river. Both get used to meet up, hang out, play sports and so on.


When it’s raining outside, you can make use of the vast cultural offerings that range from museums to theaters to concerts to many more. Germany is the country of poets and classical music, but if you’re more into sports, you can go see a Bundesliga soccer game.



The Chance to Travel Europe


Berlin Museumsinsel


Discover Germany’s and Europe’s history and take in great architecture, for example churches, famous buildings like the Reichstag in Berlin, and the Bauhaus style (that was invented 100 years ago).


To have some downtime, get a coffee or a meal at one of countless coffee shops or restaurants, and make sure you don’t miss out on the tasty German beer at one of the popular beer gardens. At night head out and experience the amazing night life by bar hopping or clubbing.


While on break, you may want to see the beautiful scenery – the Alps in the South and the sea in the North. You can always visit other cities or make use of Germany’s location in the middle of Europe to easily cross the open borders to other countries.


And the transfer can be quite inexpensive. Below some examples:

  • Go to Vienna from Munich for 19€ with the Deutsche Bahn 
  • Travel by bus, e.g. 5 cities for 99€ with Flixbus 
  • Try carpooling with BlaBlaCar, i.e. someone else takes you along to Berlin from Hamburg for under 20€ 
  • Go to London from Frankfurt for only 29€ with e.g. Ryanair 



A Modern Culture


Group of Volunteers


Germany is continuously becoming more and more diverse, so right now is a great time to move here and be part of the quality-of-living driven lifestyle. Whether you are looking to enjoy group activities like participating in clubs, sports or volunteering; or to express yourself individually – everything is possible.


In a nutshell, make the best out of your time as a student and come to Germany!




Date: 2017/10/11

Updated: 2019/02/18